Jason Jeffers

Jeffers, Jason

Jason Jeffers was born in Loveland, Colorado in 1965 and moved to Los Angeles shortly thereafter. As a young child it was clear that he would become an artist. A strong genetic component guided his early artistic endeavors - his father Larry Jeffers is also an artist and gallery owner.
After high school and a brief acting career he attended UCLA's art school. However, there was a growing unease with the large size of the university. The next year he traded 400 students in a single classroom for an entire school of 400 students at St. John's College. He spent two intense years in Annapolis, Maryland reading the 'Great Books' - everything from Plato to Einstein - and finished his education with two more years at the Santa Fe, New Mexico campus of St. John's.
After graduating university he was accepted to Cal Arts art school two years in a row but the tuition costs were too prohibitive. The exigencies of life being what they are, he had to get a 'real j-o-b'. During school he had also worked as a graphic artist. It is the best way to stay connected to art and still make a living. He has had his own graphic art business for 20 years and gives lessons in Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and web design.
Fifteen years ago he moved to the east of The Netherlands. Notwithstanding the weather, it's a good place to live he says. "Here, art and culture are very much a part of life."
He has returned to his roots creating with his hands and now has the opportunity to focus nearly 100% of his time on art.
Mr. Jeffers has recently moved his studio to a more conducive location: a junkyard. Choice of material abounds, especially metal. With the addition of an oxy-acetylene welder, his work has taken on a larger and more permanent character.