Kate Palmer

Palmer, Kate

Born in 1966 in the UK, Kate Palmer studied at the Royal College of Art in London for her Master's Degree and at St Martin's School of Art for her BA (Hons) Degree. She has received a number of awards including being made Artist in Residence (Fellow Commoner in the Creative Arts) at Trinity College, Cambridge from 1999-2001 that led to her work being published in 'Recherches en Esthetique' - 'La Recontre', Revue de C.E.R.E.A.P. N0.12 in 2006. Kate has exhibited in Europe, Asia, and the United States, and her works are located in public and private collections in the UK, Europe, and North America. She currently lives and works in East London and is a Senior Lecturer of Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School.
In her work Kate makes an unusual but vivid connection between her 
approach to painting and the act of snowboarding: 'snowboarding feels
 like slow rolling mercury, tight and contained but quick and reactive,
 sometimes the rhythm of my carved arcs is interrupted by rocks, trees or 
people, needing a sudden response, a re-calculation'. Her recent works, which are the result of what
 she describes as 'a counter-intuitive discipline, 'requiring embodied 
and cognitive skills, and a desire in the rider (and painter) to leave 
their comfort zone'. The results appear fresh and impulsive but also 
rigorously controlled, her combination of delicate tracery & swift 
brushwork carefully calibrated within the picture plane.

website:www.katepalmerart.com; www.broadbentgallery.com