Marjolein Bos

 Bos, Marjolein

Marjolein Bos - The Artist

Growing up in Laren NH (The Netherlands)
Marjolein Bos studied at the Academy of Art in Tilburg, where she attended numerous courses as part of her further training. For some 25 years Bos has been working on a freelance basis as an illustrator/graphic designer, portrait artist and  painter.

In the Netherlands, Germany and  Switzerland she has also realised a number of  major projects such as e.g. wall painting in the theatre at Münster (D), in the RaboBank and headquarters of the SNS Bank (NL) as well as painting in a chapel in Saas-Fee. In 2009 Bos  spent two weeks as an invited guest at the Festival of Art in Slovakia. The artist has used  various techniques in painting numerous privately commissioned portraits, e.g. of mayors or groups.

As an illustrator she has repeatedly received commissions from publishing companies and illustrated a children's cookbook by the popular chef Irma Dütsch.

Working and living in the beautiful environment of four-thousand-metre peaks and glaciers, she felt like starting again painting mountains. The interrest of the visitors of the gallery and the selling of the mountain paintings was reason to send paintings to the Liner Museum Appenzell to be received as new member into the Guild of Swiss Mountain Painters. She succeeded. For further information of the exhibition in Appenzell:


Exhibitions 2013:
Mojmirovce, Slovakia
Gilde Schweizer Bergmaler, Grindelwald
Lingew'Art, The Netherlands

Exhibitions 2014:
Gallery AAM-Beeld, Westervoort (NL)
14 December: Art Manifestation "Open Ateliers Huissense School"
Lingew'Art, Huissen (NL)

Exhibitions 2015:
29 May: Bromer Art Collection
25 July: Guild of Swiss Mountain Painters GSBM
26-27 September: ADAF Amsterdam, The Netherlands
6-8 November: Lingew'Art, The Netherlands