Opening "Galerie Maste 4"

Start date: 2010-01-29
End date: 2010-01-29

Opening "Galerie Maste 4"

Opening of the "Galerie Maste 4" at a height of 2575 m! Europe's highest gallery opened its doors on 29 January 2010: the "Galerie Maste 4" in Saas-Fee.

The exhibition high in the mountains had a few surprises in store for the numerous visitors. The opening of what is probably Europe's highest gallery was a total success for the founder Marjolein Bos. "I am delighted with the launch. I was particularly pleased with the extensive positive feedback from the guests" said Bos. She continued happily: "I've achieved exactly what I set out to do: to surprise and enthuse! People are talking about the gallery". The artist was particularly pleased with the visit by the "De Nederlandse Club Wallis" Group which had been specially invited to the launch by the Dutch Embassy.

The "Galerie Maste 4" represents the fulfilment of a dream for the Dutch artist. Over the past few months thanks to her drive and inventiveness she has turned the old building below the Morenia mid-way station into an attractive meeting place. "Obviousl I am also pleased to have received such great support from the local authority, the Bergbahnen Saas-Fee, Saas-Fee/Saastal Tourismus and many other people in the village. I wouldn't have achieved this without their support."

The gallery is not yet by any means finished - but the first major steps have been taken. For example, various paintings and sculptures are already in full view on the first floor of the former restaurant, just waiting for the opinions of potential visitors. At present approx. 50% of the works on display are by Bos herself. There are however also other works on show by Victor Tikhonov (Belarus), Walther Schmeitink-Mühlbacher (NL/Austria), Beat Breitenstein (CH) or Jochen Teichert (DE). Naturally most of the works of art on exhibition in the "Galerie Maste 4" are also available for purchase. The prices range from just CHF 100,- to nearly CHF 4.000,-.